Soft & Wild Blush

  • Soft & Wild Blush
  • Soft & Wild Blush
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Baked Eyeshadow. Luminous Color. Double use. 
Extremely bright, new generation baked eyeshadow.                                                         A lightweight, soft, silky and comfortable texture that is highly blendable, for a color that stays on flawlessly for long.                                                        It can be used in two ways, to create countless make-up effects:
- Use it Dry to enhance eyelids with bright color
- Use it Wet for an intense and vibrant color                                                                          

4 brand new colors with a pearly finish coming in the delicate shades of rose and gold and in the intense ones of brown and mauve. 

001 Golden Mauve
002 Warm Brown
003 Chic Gold
004 Golden Rose
005 Glam Pink

Low risk of allergies. Ophthalmologist tested.     

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