Soft & Wild Lasting Color Gel

  • Soft & Wild Lasting Color Gel
  • Soft & Wild Lasting Color Gel
  • Soft & Wild Lasting Color Gel
  • Soft & Wild Lasting Color Gel
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Glass Effect Nail Polish
A revolutionary formula for super shiny, glass effect nails, with an amazing ultra glossy finish.
Texture has a volumizing 3D effect, for nails with a perfectly smooth and full surface.
Color is hyper-pigmented right from first coat, for a very intense and homogeneous chromatic effect that lasts in time.
Dries in no time.
Just two strokes to get an extraordinary glossy and plumping result that is similar to the one of semi permanent polishes.

The maxi, Big Brush flat applicator with 440 round end bristles guarantees a great pick-up and release of color, for an easy and quick application in just one step.
5 new, super glamorous color references:

001 Soft Rose Nude
002 Soft Brown Nude
003 Wild Brown
004 Wild Red
005 Wild Fuchsia
Low risk of allergies.                                          
Dermatologist tested.                                     

Apply Lasting Color Gel Soft Rose Nude 001 on all nails.

The Lasting Color Gel nail polish is made with an innovative formula rich in resins that form a super bright fast drying finish. Its texture has a high level of viscosity to give a plumping effect, it is rich in plastifying elements that create a resistant film. The formula is balanced, for easy and even application and an extreme coverage right from first stroke. 

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