Light Up the Night - Luminous Base & Glitter

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  • Light Up the Night - Luminous Base & Glitter
  • Light Up the Night - Luminous Base & Glitter
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LUMINOUS BASE: ensures that the glitter adheres perfectly; when used alone, it tints and highlights.
GLITTER: creates stunning light effects with extraordinary sparkle.

LUMINOUS BASE: The formula contains special waxes and oils with emollient properties to make the eyeshadow application ultra-sensory. The texture is enriched with very fine pearls and the formulation adheres perfectly on the eyelids, making the product ideal as a first step before the glitter application.
GLITTER: Glitter powder, designed to give maximum shine and light diffusion.

Low allergy risk
Ophthalmologically tested
Paraben Free

Step1: apply the Luminous Base to tint and create the perfect background for the glitter.
Step 2: apply the glitter on the Luminous Base using your fingers or a brush.

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