Material Luxury Metal Lip Fluid

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  • Material Luxury Metal Lip Fluid
  • Material Luxury Metal Lip Fluid
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Material Luxury Metal Lip Fluid

Your lips are dressed in the finest iridescent pearls with an extraordinary metallic effect.
The innovative gel texture ensures a lightweight, shiny and non-sticky film.

Dermatologically tested
Paraben free

The specific film-forming agents and the copolymers make the film thin and lightweight and create a smooth-gliding, creamy texture.
The innovative formulation ensures maximum comfort and lightness on your lips.
The high percentage of pearls and radiant, full pigments guarantee a shade with unique brightness and reflect the colours, reviving them with a new multi-faceted metallic light.

To use alone: apply the Metal Lip Fluid starting from the centre of your upper lip towards the corners.
On the lower lip, start from the corners and work towards the centre.

To use as a top coat: first apply the Duo Lips Twist-up, then use Metal Lip Fluid at the centre of your upper and lower lip to recreate a new three-dimensional effect on your lips.


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