Sport Addicted Waterproof Mascara

  • Sport Addicted Waterproof Mascara
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Designed to be sweat and water resistant, it stays flawless during all sports activities*. After the first coat, your lashes look sculpted and defined. After the second, the volume becomes intense and generous, leaving your lashes perfectly separated.
*Clinical use test conducted on 30 volunteers who practice sport

The resistance to sweat and water is ensured by a selected mix of volatile agents and film formers that, together with the special hydrophobic polymer, fix the product onto your lashes, leaving them soft and flexible*. The ergonomic-shaped brush makes it instant to apply and helps to reach even the shortest lashes.
*Clinical use test conducted on 30 volunteers who practice sport

Low allergy risk
Ophthalmologically tested
Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lenses wearers
Paraben Free

Make-up Tip:

Start from the base of your lashes and comb them with zig-zag movements up to the tips. It is advisable to apply the mascara repeatedly to obtain the desired volume. Use the tip of the applicator to reach the shorter lashes. Once the product is completely dry it is not advisable to reapply it. 

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