About PUPA make-up

Pupa Milano, Italian beauty & fashion

The beginnings

Angelo Gatti founded the effervescent company in 1974 in Milan, the undisputed Italian capital city of fashion and design.
Always fascinated by beauty, he geniusly developed the idea: how to bring color, make-up, fashion and magic together?
The unpredictable answer was a make-up kit.
The company quickly became a leader in the Italian cosmetic indrustry with the brand name PUPA.
Make-up kits became its unmistakable signature all over the globe.

Since yesterday to date: a contemporary approach to beauty

Beauty is in every woman. Beauty is for every woman.
Driven by a never ending creativity and by a constant attention to women needs and market trends, 
PUPA succesfully created comprehensive lines of make-up products over the years ranging from top quality make-up to charming toiletries and innovative perfume concepts.
Pupa aims to understand and anticipate market trends, offering to the market extremely innovative, fashionable and high-value cosmetics at reasonably affordable prices.

Strengths of Pupa make-up 
  • Style and design
  • Passion and creativity
  • Anticipation of market and fashion trends
  • Attention to consumer needs
  • Innovation through Research & Development

Image and style

Italian fashion and 'Made in Italy' values brought into cosmetics: this is the synthesis of PUPA style.
In visual advertising and overall product communication PUPA is represented by fascinating beauty icons with aspirational yet approachable looks. PUPA's beauty models represent fashionable and glamorous beauty yet friendly and lively as "girl next door".

Colors of PUPA 

Red, the color or passion. Black, the color of fashion. Pink, the color of care.
PUPA's deep red is the distinctive sign of the brand PUPA, making its products instantly and easily  recognizable everywhere.
Pure black, adds a touch of sophisticated style, supporting the premium and high and fashonable nature of the brand PUPA.
New born pink color represents the feminine world of face and body care.

  • Make-up
  • Make-up kits
  • Fragrances


Contempory style, fashionable color palettes, high-performance-high-quality, innovation, four glamorous collections every year: this is what makes PUPA make-up range unique.

PROFESSIONALS. Dreaming of a flawless look? A complete range of primers and professional-like products enhancing make-up performances and ensuring the ultimate make-up result. 

MAKE-UP ART. Dreaming of a make-up artist at home? 
PUPA reveals the secrets of make-up artists: perfectly coordinated color palettes with easy to follow make-up tips and tricks for a ultra-glamorous and impeccable look.

Make-up kits

Pure emotions in a beautykit. Uniquely styled 'kits' (PUPA's exclusive design) reveal a complete and coordinated set of fine quality make-up. Ideal both as a gift and as collectables, PUPA make-up kits are every woman's dream of beauty.


What happen when mixing a strong creativity with truly evocative fine fragrance?
The result is a perfume re-interpretation: enchanting frangrances to wear, hidden in precious long lasting treasures. 
All PUPA fragrances are developed in close cooperation with the most important perfume creators in Italy, France and worldwide.