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A revolutionary mascara for exaggerated eyelashes with an oversize volume.

Looking for amazing, movie-star eyes in just few seconds? Vamp! mascara makes your

eyelashes look just as spectacular as fake lashes, without having the bother to wear them.

Stroke after stroke, volume gets exaggeratedly oversize, for thick, full and ultra dense


The result? Striking, no doubt about it! With unbeatable hold and no smudging.

Available in 6 spectacular colours:

100 - VAMP! EXTRA BLACK, the formula of the black colour combines 2 types of

      colourings: carbon black and ultramarines. Carbon black makes lashes immediately

      extrablack; ultramarines, a special black-blue pigment, gives a magnetic, deep look to

      the eyes.

200 - VAMP! CHOCOLATE BROWN, perfect for blue, hazelnut and green eyes

300 - VAMP! DEEP NIGHT, perfect for blue, hazelnut, dark brown/black and green eyes

301 - VAMP! ELECTRIC BLUE, perfect for blue, hazelnut and green eyes

400 - VAMP! AMETHYST VIOLET, perfect for blue, hazelnut, dark brown/black and green

500 - VAMP! EMERALD GREEN, perfect for hazelnut, dark brown/black and green eyes

Low risk of allergies. Ophthalmologist tested. Suitable also for sensitive eyes and for

people who wear contact lenses.


Full colour application

Start from the base of your lashes and comb them with zigzag movements up to the tips.

Thanks to the immediate product release and to its rich and creamy formula Vamp!

immediately gives an oversize volume to your lashes! To enhance them to their maximum,

we suggest to apply mascara over and over again, going from one eye to the other, until

you get the volume you are looking for. For that final touch, use the tip of the applicator


French colour application

A combination of Vamp! Extrablack with other coloured Vamp! mascaras.

For super vibrant eyes, apply Vamp! Extrablack and, only on the tips of your lashes,

another Vamp! mascara of you favourite colour.


An exclusive formula, for lashes that have never been seen before, that combines a mix of

Vamp!full polymer waxes.
The natural, vegetable and synthetic waxes make the texture of this mascara very creamy, extra rich and with a high structuring performance.
The Vamp!full polymer, a special filming agent, considerably increases hold, reduces smudging and helps to keep lashes soft and flexible in time.
The applicator gives lashes everything they’ve always longed for!
Its special sinuous shape, with soft and extra dense fibres enables you to collect a greater amount of mascara on its central part, to get maximum product release for exaggerated and super finalized lashes.
The rounded tip helps you to reach even the shortest and most difficult lashes.


Reviews (1)
rating 5 (5 / 1 Reviews)

rating 5 Ben erggg tevreden over de vamp-mascara in violete kleur, heb er lang naar gezocht, helemaal goed! dank je wel voor de snelle levering!
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