Vamp! Waterproof mascara

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  • Vamp! Waterproof mascara
€ 18,50

A revolutionary mascara with extreme hold* for exaggerated lashes and oversize volume
Looking for celebrity eyes in just few seconds? 
Vamp! Waterproof makes your eyelashes look just as spectacular as false ones, without having the bother to wear them. Stroke after stroke volume gets exaggeratedly oversize.  
The result? Striking, no doubt about it, and perfectly resistant to water, humidity and high temperatures, for an unbeatable hold with no smudging. 
Available in an extra-black color, for deep and magnetic eyes.

* instrumental and in-use tests carried out on 20 women. Color and make-up effect hold was assessed after immersion in water and exposition to high temperatures and high levels of humidity. 

Low risk of allergies. Ophthalmologist tested. Suitable for sensitive eyes and for people who wear contact lenses. 
Paraben Free.
Contents: 9 ml

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