Rock & Rose Eyeshadow

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  • Rock & Rose Eyeshadow
  • Rock & Rose Eyeshadow
  • Rock & Rose Eyeshadow
€ 20,50

Christmas edition 2018

A multifaceted light with a 3D effect illuminates your eyes. The surprisingly sensory texture is soft and velvety to the touch with total coverage. When used dry, it gives a metallic finish and when wet, a “foil” effect.

A mix of new-generation pearls and pigments, infused in a blend of velvety agents, give an extremely silky feel and adhere perfectly on the eyelid.
The perfect balance of the reflected pearls ensures a refined colour impact: amber in the gold and rose bronze shades; smokey and iridescent in the black shade.

Dual use:
- with a dry applicator for a metallic finish
- with a wet applicator for a “foil” effect

Apply the eyeshadow in the centre of the eyelid and close to the inner eye corner to recreate light reflections with an amazing three-dimensional look. 
Apply it directly with your fingertips to benefit from its sensory consistency.

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